Approved Partner Program - What Are The Benefits?

As a member of the CheckRate Approved Partner Program you will be provided with all the tools to further help your clients and their online ventures. With the ability to provide clients with the CheckRate Consumer Confidence at a lower than retail cost to yourself you will start generating profit from the minute you process your first order.

What are the options?

With regards to marketing CheckRate to your clients there are two options that CheckRate Approved Partners are presented with;

Option One

The first being that as our Account Managers have lots of experience retailing CheckRate and know the benefits it brings to website owners we can sell it to your client base. If this option is chosen once we have received a list of your clients we will then process them to find which are eligible to display the CheckRate Seal on their website.

The clients who are eligible will then be contacted by one of the CheckRate Account Managers who will contact them to see if they would like to become a member of the CheckRate Consumer Confidence Seal Program. If the client does and a purchase ensues CheckRate will provide you with a 25% commission for the introduction.

Option Two

Having operated in the same industry CheckRate understand the close working relationship many web designer / web masters have with their existing clients. They have developed a good understanding of their needs, what they want to accomplish and share ideas of how to best achieve this.

The second option that is available with the CheckRate Approved Partner Program is that you contact your customers and ascertain, if eligible, if they would like to display the CheckRate Seal on their website. If this is the case then we can supply you with the CheckRate Seal at a lower than retail price and you then re-sell this to your clients.

The amount of discount given is based around volume of sales generated, full details available on request.

Approved Partner Tools

Regardless of method chosen each partner once accepted* will gain the ability to display the CheckRate Approved Partner Seal on their website.

Access to the CheckRate Partner Admin Terminal* where they will be able to enter clients and also track the progress in terms of revenue generated.

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