Approved Partner Program - Introduction

CheckRate created its Approved Partner Program in response to requests from other businesses who saw the potential in it's Consumer Confidence Seal, the first product to be released from the CheckRate portfolio.

Consumer Confidence Seal

This next generation Trustmark goes one step further than those currently available in the market by taking into account, independent third party, analysed data before deciding whether a business is credit worthy and authorised to display this high calibre badge.

Free UK & Irish Business Credit Check

With impressive first quarter sales and consumer awareness of the brand stimulated by another unique product the CheckRate Verified Business Credit Search. This product, the first of its kind to offer independently verified credit scores totally free of charge with no restrictions on usage, all from the CheckRate website.

FaceBook™ Exposure

Developing this product further and desiring yet even greater market penetration and brand awareness the CheckRate Development Team have taken the Verified Business Credit Search and created a FaceBook™ Application. With around 10 million UK users and more than 100 million Worldwide, this step ensures even greater exposure for the CheckRate brand both in the domestic and Worldwide market places.

Working Together

Recognising the intricate partnership between a website design company and its clients the CheckRate Approved Partner Program was born. Empowering it's members with the ability to provide the benefits the CheckRate Consumer Confidence Seal brings to their clients whilst adding an additional revenue stream to their business.

What are the CheckRate Approved Partner Benefits?

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