How The CheckRate Consumer Confidence Seal Works

Enjoying the benefits the CheckRate seal of approval gives your website is so easy

CheckRate uses unique patent pending technology to seamlessly integrate with any website, no matter how large or small. Our easy to use Seal Generator does the hardwork and produces all the necessary information you need to get the CheckRate Consumer Confidence Seal on your website in seconds.

How exactly does the CheckRate Consumer Confidence Seal work?

Here is a quick overview of the steps involved;

Step 1: You or your webmaster inserts the code snippet provided by CheckRate on your website. We recommend to get the best performance to place the Confidence Seal at eye level see image placement.

Step 2: Once the CheckRate code is correctly inserted every time a visitor accesses your website a quick call is made to the CheckRate server. The CheckRate server then checks to see if any changes have been made to your credit score or any information contained within your credit file held by our data partners.

Step 3: After verifiying that data is correct and up to date a final check is made to see what website is calling the CheckRate seal. This step protects your seal from abuse and ensures that it will only display on your website.

Step 4: The CheckRate Consumer Confidence Seal is displayed on your website giving your visitors the assurance that your business, unlike some other unscrupulous merchants online are exactly who you say you are. Any doubts they have are laid to rest resulting in more transactions being completed and thus higher revenue being generated.


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