CheckRate Consumer Confidence Seal

The CheckRate Consumer Confidence Seal puts your website visitor's minds at rest instantly

How? Due to the current media attention focusing on the ever increasing number of rogue traders operating on the Internet, the public as a whole has grown apprehensive when dealing with businesses online. It's easy to understand this doubt as there is no real way of telling just by looking at one website to the next which, if any, are operated by financially solid and trustworthy businesses.

Anyone can create a snazzy looking, professional website. Nearly anyone can start trading online getting access to SSL certificates to securely collect credit card information or employ the services of payment processors such as PayPal.

The CheckRate Consumer Confidence Seal provides an instant independent verification of your business so anyone visiting your website can see, at a glance, whether it is safe doing business with you.

Giving your website visitors peace of mind results in increased conversions

Why should you be concerned about your visitors peace of mind? This is a no-brainer. Research has shown that the number one reason given for transactions not being completed online is a lack of trust between a website and its visitors.

How can you restore this trust? You can inform your visitors that you are an established business by including information about the history of your business. You can display testimonials from satisfied customers. In fact these are definitely things we recommend any business operating online does. The only problem is that these facts and statements are only credible to people who are already familiar with your business and in the case of unscrupulous online merchants easily fabricated.

The information displayed on your CheckRate Consumer Confidence Seal is independently verified by CheckRate and its data partners. Working alongside highly respected businesses in this field such as Dun & Bradstreet and CreditSafe any doubts your visitors may have are laid to rest instantly. Safe in the knowledge that the CheckRate seal can only be displayed by a select number of business who qualify based upon the strength of their credit history.

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