Free 1 Month Credit Checking Trial Offer


Free Company & Business Credit Checking / Credit Ratings / Credit Decision Trial offer for UK & Irish Businesses - 1 month Free Trial


If you are looking for Free UK & Irish Company & Business Information that can be used for Business or Company Credit Checks, Credit Rating assessments or Trade Account Opening Credit Decisions please feel free to contact us for a Free 1 Months Trial of or online Trade Account Opening - Decision Making Tool.



About the CheckRate UK & Irish Online Business & Company Credit Checking Decision making tool:



  • Covers UK & Irish Limited / Ltd & Private Limited Companies / Plc's
  • Covers UK Non Limited Companies including Sole Traders & Partnerships
  • Increases speed and efficiency of account opening with instant online Decisions.
  • Cost effective annual Subscription fee's after initial 1 month Free Trial.
  • Access to Additional Fully Comprehensive Business, Company & Director Business Credit Reports or Companies House Financial Accounts information (Ltd/Plc only) via same system if the need for more info arises.

To set up your Free one month trial of our online business or company Credit decision making tool, to view some samples of our full uk business reports, or if you have any questions please email: .

Please clikc link if you want to see the different credit checking packages we have available for our business credit control services.

In addition to the Online Business Credit checking tool, CheckRate also offers a Financial Trustmark or "Consumer Confidence" Seal of Approval for your website.

Why have a Financial Trustmark or Consumer Confidence Seal of Approval on my Website?

  • Increase consumer confidence = Increase consumer spending.
Consmers are more likely to purchase from a site they trust than ones they don't.  
If you advertise your business's financial stability on your website you will increase the trust in your website which would have a positive impact on the number of customers who decide to use your business over one of your competitors who might not be financially stable and therefore not advertising the fact on their website.
For more info about the Financial Trustmarks that we offer please email: