Company Search Like Companies House Web Check

If you are looking to Get Free Company Financial Information or Free Business Information like the Business Information or Data available via the Companies House "Web Check" Service then this is the website for you.

As well as offering the Company Registered Name, Company Registration Number and Active or Inactive Trading Status of a UK Ltd or Plc Company, like the Companies House "Web Check" system offers, the check rate system offers the same information as well as a Free Company Financial Credit Assessment on the Business.

In  addition to the "Free" Business information, Company Credit or "Web Check" service on offer, similar to the Companies House "Web Check" system except with the additional Credit Assessment Check, we also offer "Snap Shot" Express Business Credit Reports (Abbreviated Credit Reports) or "Fully Comprehensive" Business Credit Reports

These "snap shot" or "fully comprehensive" Business Credit reports can be purchased in annual 12 month contract or in a smaller bundles (with your own login access details) via the link or you can buy the Business Credit Reports online on a pay as you go basis for just £4.99 + vat per report via the other link.  

If you want reports cheaper than the "Pay as you Go" price, you can email or request a contact to discuss bundles or annual subscription packages which can bring the cost per report or per Credit search price much lower that £4.99 per report.

In addition to the Business Credit Report packages or Comapny Reports on a "Pay as you Go" basis we also offer an unlimited access Trade Account Opening Credit Assessment or Credit Decision Making Tool.

For information and pricing details please call: 0844 774 7777 or email:

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