About our Company Credit Checks

We offer Business & Company Credit Checks on UK and Irish Businesses, including UK Ltd & Plc Companies & Non Ltd (Sole Trader & Partnership) Businesses (Companies bases in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales) as well as Ltd & PLC Companies in the Republic of Ireland (Eire).

Coverage of our Business Credit Checks:

Our UK & Irish Business Financial Credit Checks and Fully Comprehensive Business Credit Reports our available on over 4.5 million companies.

Company Information Available:

The information available on the UK & Irish businesses varies depending if they are a registered Ltd or Plc Company or a non registered sole trader or partnership business (UK) only.

With Companies House or Irish CRO registered Limited or Plc Companies there are filing rules based on size of business which companies hvae to adhere to.  The amount of financial data that must be filed depends and whether you are a "Companies House" classified "Small", Mediium" or Large / Group Company.

If you are a "small" company you are required to file a balance sheet (and have an additional offer to file a P&L if you wish).

Therefore our Credit Checks and Credit Reports on "small" companies therefore only provide Balance Sheet Financial Information - (unless there have been a P&L filed, which doesn't often happen.

If you are a "medium" or "large" sized company you are required to file a Profit & Loss (P&L) and Balance sheet.

Therefore our Credit Checks and Credit Reports on a "medium" or "large" / "group" Company will provide P&L and Balance Sheet Financial Information.

Our Reports also use Key Ratios which are additional Financial Assessment Tools derivided from some of the data in the P&L and Balance Sheets as well as Michellaneous Data.

In addition to the Financial Data our Business or Company Credit Checks and Credit Reports also offer;

  • The Standard Company Data (Registered name, Address, Incorporation Date, Previous names etc.),
  • Current & Historical Company Credit Rating,
  • Current & Historical Company Credit Limits,
  • Company Secretary & Directors Information,
  • Bad Payment History (County Court Judgements / CCJ's & High Court Writs).