Introduction to our Business Credit Checking & Business Data Services

Hello and Welcome to the Business Credit Checking & Company Data Services Section of the CheckRate Website.

Here you will find lots of information about the different Credit Checking & Business Data services we offer including information about our Credit Control, Credit Management, Credit Reporting, Business Intelligency, Company Financial Information, Trade Credit Decision Making, Web Marketing, Business Data and other Business Services that we offer.

Business & Company Information & Data:

CheckRate offer numerous Business and Company Credit Checking services that enable any individual or business to purchase a Credit Assessment Decision (Via our Decision Maker Tool),or a "Snap Shot" Express Report or "Fully Comprehensive" detailed credit analysis of any Limited (LTD) or Plc Company in the UK or Ireland, as well as a large percentage of any Non Limited Businesses (Sole Trader or Partnership) in the UK.

Director Information & Data:

In addition to the Business Credit Decision maker or Ltd, Plc & Non Ltd Business "Snap Shot" Express Reports or "Fully Comprehensive" Business & Company Credit Reports we also offer Director Searches, Director Reports and Director Checks on Company Secretary's and other Directors of UK or Irish Ltd or Plc Companies.  

Company Credit Checking, Credit Reporting, Credit Control & Credit Management Services:

  • A Credit Decision or Assessment via the Trade / Credit Account Decision Making Tool is a Yes or No, as to whether the business is Credit worthy and therefore should they be set up with a Trade Account. 
  • An Express credit report is an abbreviated credit reports on the company or businesses credit worthiness.
  • Whilst the Fully Comprehensive Business or Company Credit Report is a detailled View of a Ltd or Plc Companies Credit Worthiness including more detailled Financial, Directors and CCJ data.
  • A Director Search or Director Report is a view of a Directors portfolio of Companies including current and previous directorships.

Why use credit control or credit management services including Business or Company credit checks, Credit Reporting and Financial information:

A Business or Company Credit check is an efficient method of keeping a tab on your customers, suppliers and competitors, giving you that all important information to help reduce the risk of bad debts, reduce the risks of increased costs or hassle when important suppliers go bust (insolvency, liquidation, receivership) and give you important knowledge, intelligence and information on competitors which can give you a competitive advantage.

How we developed our  Business or Company credit checks, Credit Reporting and Financial information Services:

As a unique development of an earlier solution, the CheckRate UK Rating Algorithm incorporates several steps to provide a highly accurate business credit rating or creditworthiness assessment.  Utilising data from several financial information organisations, this unique calculation takes into consideration factors such as Company type, Industry, Trading status, Annual accounts and Default Payment (CCJ) history.

About our Business or Company Credit Score:

A credit score is a numerical calculation based on a statistical analysis of a Company or Businesses Trading Performance taking in to consideration their account, their industry and other data sets from their Credit Report.

There is currently no other online solution that offers the kind of independently verified information that CheckRate provides for the range of Business Services that we offer.

About our USA Business or Company Database:

We offer a database of over 14 million USA Business records, which include Business name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address (where present) Business Classification and description.


If you want to see what Business Services (including Credit Control & Web Marketing) Packages are available please see Credit Report Packages Section or Click the following link - Business Services Packages . For more about our USA or American Business & Company database please email: .