What Is CheckRate?

CheckRate is a new division of Freestart plc and, as such, is part of an organisation that is ranked in the top twenty UK providers of online solutions. Established in 1999, Freestart offers a range of solutions that are designed to work on multiple levels. With a bespoke service that can handle all of your company's needs, Freestart has experience significant growth in recent years due to the ever-demanding and changing online market place.

During the development of a previous solution, our think-tank spotted an opportunity; if the credit rating software can be used to impose penalties on a company, why not also allow a company to showcase their credit rating?

Using companies such as Credit Safe and Dun & Bradstreet, we take your company's credit rating and place it on your website. Within seconds of clicking on the Consumer Confidence Seal, your customer has access to independent and reassuring information about your trading status.

CheckRate 'For Businesses With Nothing to Hide'

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