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As the CheckRate Seal begins to spead over the Internet and dominate the TrustMark market by being the first one that offers independant verification of businesses identity and credit-worthiness how are our clients finding the response?

"In the ten years we've been trading online, the market has changed drastically as more and more players move into the market. New customers can feel overwhelmed and confused by the number e-commerce sites, not knowing whom to trust. Checkrate gives our customers the reassurance they need to order from our company with confidence and confident customers mean sales."

Andrew Carleton

"When it comes to online security, we need to let our customers know that they don't have to think twice about buying goods from our online store. The CheckRate seal shows shoppers that our business has been independently rated as creditworthy, something that is increasingly necessary as 1000s of new sites and businesses appear with online stores that might be here today, but may be gone tomorrow. Out internet storefront wouldn't be complete if it didn't have an effective means of telling our customers that we are reliable and trustworthy, and the CheckRate seal does this for us."

Steve Graham

"We take online security extremely seriously as our customers need to know that they’re shopping in a safe and secure environment. When shopping online, people are understandably more wary about giving their payment details away; they need to know that the site they are using is reputable and will definitely provide the services they are seeking. Having the CheckRate Seal in such a prominent place on our website helps our customers get the reassurance they need to order from us confidently."


"Even in today’s increasingly online world, you still need to be wary about who you give your payment details too. With the CheckRate seal on our website, our customers come to us relaxed with the knowledge that any purchase they make from us will be carried out in a safe and secure environment. This simple seal gives our customers a boost of confidence, and it helps us easily explain to potential customers that our website is safe to buy from. We would definitely recommend that any website that’s serious about promoting their security measures should display the CheckRate seal."


"CheckRate has become an important part of our online jewellery business since we went online in 2007. It provides our clients and ourselves with a demonstrable tool that will offer reassurance before making an online purchase. For many potential clients, not having experienced the level of service and quality we are proud of, we rely heavily on the reassurance that CheckRate offers to deliver a quick convenient indicator that we are a well established, trustworthy company. When asked by potential clients, for the reassurance that they seek before making a purchase, the CheckRate link is the necessary reference we call upon time and time again."

Mark Johnson

"Since starting to use the Checkrate banner back in 2008, we have increased our overall conversion rate by 48.93% according to Google analytics. Obviously we have changed many things on our site since then to bring about this massive increase, but Checkrate continues to be one easy decision to make, especially in these challenging times. We trust the system behind Checkrate that we also use it to credit check our business customers."

Tim James-Parker

"Being able to display the checkrate seal on our web site selling cheap laptops is such a valuable confidence boost to our prospective customers and we believe this helps us to achieve more sales. We often get asked how long we have been in business and can we be trusted to supply what has been ordered and provide support in the future? As an internet company selling cheap laptops sometimes we are viewed with suspicion because of the poor reputation of some internet companies. The CheckRate seal provides our customers with powerful evidence of our solidity which words alone could not provide. We are proud to be able to display the CheckRate seal."

Trevor Gedge

"I was approached by Check Rate one year ago, I spoke in detail to a CheckRate specialist on the telephone, we were discussing the benefits of joining, as there are many companies out there who say they are the best in their market and can do wonders for your business, then, produce nothing. After a long discussion, decided to go ahead with the membership, I have been extremely impressed with the services, my customers are much happier to put their credit card details into our web site, just having their logo on our site definitely helps the customer make their decision to go ahead with the purchase. I can definitely recommend using the Check Rate system on your web site."

Austen Salton

"Checkrate has helped us increase our customer confidence by independently demonstrating to customers who have not heard about our brand that we are a credit worthy company to buy from. This will no doubt have helped our company gain extra sales and helped our customers make the right choice by choosing us as opposed to buying from a company that is here today, and gone tomorrow!."

Danny Williams

"I was delighted to recently renew our subscription with CheckRate on our worldwide attraction ticket website. I am confident that the CheckRate Seal helps to reassure our customers that they can have confidence in buying attraction tickets from Attractiontix. The improvement in conversions has covered the cost of the service many times over..."

Paul Stobbs

"Since using the Checkrate seal our online sales have noticably increased. As we are a supplier of expensive showering equipment we need to give the customer the confidance for them to purchase of us which this seal certainly does..."

Keith Heppell

"Checkrate has helped us increase our customer confidence by independently demonstrating to customers who have not heard about our brand that we are a credit worthy company to buy from. This will no doubt have helped our company gain extra sales and helped our customers make the right choice by choosing us as opposed to buying from a company that is here today, and gone tomorrow!."

Danny Williams

"The use of the Checkrate Seal has helped with gaining trust from customers when purchasing high value products form our site. The Checkrate Seal enables our customers to check our company credentials before parting with there hard earned cash in a sometimes anonymous internet world."

Craig Barker

"We have used CheckRate for a few years now and it has allowed us to increase our sales as potential customers now know that we are a reputable dealer from the start and the guesswork is taken out of the equation"

Ben Hume

Not only has the CheckRate logo had a positive impact on our on-line sales but our Sales team also use it part of their sales pitch on the telephone. In the current climate any tools which help to increase consumer confidence are invaluable. Well done - great value for money!

James McCartney (Business Development Director)

"I've been very pleased with the reassurance that CheckRate gives to our customers and subsequently, the positive impact on our conversion rate that I had no hesitation in renewing for a second year."

Andrew Showman

We have found Checkrate to be a valuable benefit on the website in this current economic climate, giving customers the re-assurance that they are dealing with a strong robust organization that will be there for the long term future. In addition we saw a reduction in our bounce rate of around 15% with the application of the Check Rate Logo to our website.

Simon Jacobs

Just what Internet web sites require! - CheckRate has given our customers the confidence to shop on our web site with piece of mind in addition giving them the confidence that we are a good reputable Company.

Ever since we have added the CheckRate logo onto our web site, we have certainly seen a surge in sales.

Barry Fish (Managing Director)

"For the past 12 months we have been monitoring our analytics, and have compared them to the previous year's figures. We have noticed an average of 20% reduction in the bounce rate and a noticeable increase in online transactions. We are so happy with Checkrate that we are adding it to another 10 websites."

Tony Pearce

"Just a short note to say how pleased I am at having the CheckRate seal of approval on our website. I was very sceptical at first, however I have noticed that we are receiving more enquiries. Our analytics have confirmed this as it appears that more visitors to the site now actually stay on the site. I assume this is because they have more confidence in dealing with us after seeing the "CheckRate" seal."

Martyn Davies

Since adding the Checkrate logo to our website we have noticed an increase in sales in the B2B section of our company, research into this increase has shown that business customers are more likely to buy from a company that they know will still be around in 12mnths time, given the current economic climate this seal of approval is a very valuable asset to have.

Heather Strike

CheckRate is in our opinion the best seal that any website can show, it provides a completely independent score on the company that is invaluable for providing our customers with the reassurance that they are planning there purchase with an honest and reputable company - No other certificate can offer this level of insight exactly when the customer needs it, bottom line, don't run your business without it

Lee Phillips

When it comes to online security, customers need to know that they dont have to think twice about buying goods from our online store. The Checkrate seal of approval lets our customers know that we are a reliable and trustworthy company. Checkrate has also helped to lower our Bounce Rate.

James Housley

Since adding the CheckRate seal to our site we have noticed a 12% reduction in the bounce rate and an increase in our online sales. If you haven't got CheckRate on your website yet I would recommend getting it.

Lee Whitbread

I would like to thank CheckRate and say that since the CheckRate seal was put onto all our sites, we have noticed a dramatic increase in the online sales week in and week out. It really does give customers the confidence to shop!

Janet Brooks

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